Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sharkbait, Ooh Ha Ha

Oh, how I wish I had published my last pending blog post! No lie, I wrote days ago about how OU should proposition to get Beebe out of the Big 12. Just call me Belle of the Crystal Ball. Anywho, there's other news afoot in Soonerland. 

Here is the golden quote from Mizzou Wide Receiver Jerrell Jackson regarding OU at home: "I don't know what makes them so tough," he said. "Ain't nothing tough about them to me."

Ohhhh realllllyy. You think you can just strut onto the grounds of the longest home winning streak, where opponents are crushed by 30+ points on the regular, and think there is nothing tough about it? You think you're going to go up against a smash-mouth, kick ass defense, and it's going to be no big thing at all?

You think that a team that just handled the #5 team in the country, on the road, in the biggest game of the year thus far, is going to play soft against the mediocrity that is your football squad? Fuggetaboutit! 

Mr. Jackson, you are gonna be in for a rough night come Saturday.  Your team may have gotten one past us last year, but make no mistake, Owen Field is no cake walk. Just ask every team who has played there since mid-September...of 2005. There'll be 85,000+ who are starving for a national championship, and your trash-talking mouth will be but a blip on the radar of that goal. 

You just don't go around poking bears. Or Sooners. It's going to get ugly in Norman. And that's just the way we like's it. Shark week, baby!  

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