Tuesday, May 31, 2011


No, I'm not referring to the failed B. Spears attempt at a movie career during her not a girl/not yet a woman phase. I'm talking about when BelleoftheBallgame's mission is realized through the intersection of my two favorite topics: sports and celebrity. Ok, that may be overstating it a tad, but recent revelations have brought these to spheres of influence together in some interesting little story lines.

The first has been well-documented in Sooner lore for a while now. Defensive all-star Tony Jefferson has a mega man-crush on the Biebs. Random? Yes. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Hilarious? You betcha. He even has videos posted of his own Bieber renditions (not surprising, considering his foray into musical parody with his "Boomer Sooner" version of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow"). Why do I bring up this fairly un-newsworthy tidbits about one of our boys?

Well, yesterday, a little birdie called TweetDeck told me that Jefferson tweeted/retweeted nearly 30 times yesterday in hopes of capturing the attention of one Justin Bieber, one of the most popular twitter-ers in the storied history of Twitterdom. So why can't this little punk help a Sooner out and give him a simple little RT? Is it because of his friendship kindled with I'm-A-Man-Im-40 Gundy?

All I'm saying is, Tony Jefferson is a manbeast, and could knock pretty boy Biebs to the ground in a hot second. Can't he just give the guy the one thing he desires so fervently? I know this much- if Jefferson is as dedicated to the team as he is to capturing the attention of a teen pop star, I'm liking our chances at an (to quote Jefferson's own lyrics) "OU title run."

Now onto the king of sportslebrities- Tony Romo, or as Skip Bayless likes to call him- Tony Romeo, crowned a Mrs. Romo this weekend- the former Miss Candace Crawford. Fortunately for Romo's personal life, but unfortunately for his football career, this is probably the greatest success moment he's ever had. He dodged the Jessica Simpson bullet, and is settling down with a beautiful, pseudo-famous girl. She's a sports reporter, so I'm compelled to respect her. Now if only he convert this into caring more about the game of football, he'll be golden. I'm excited though, as low-quality photos have finally surfaced of Dallas' equivalent of a royal wedding. I'm not terribly in support of the white tux, but the loving smile is his perfect accessory. She looks stunning, and truly fabulous with the lacy, collared bodice matched with the voluminous skirt. Daring, yet regal, and classy, and fantastic.

Big thanks to the Tonys in my life for providing me this opportunity to write the hard-hitting sportslebrity stories that really impact people's lives. Peace out!

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