Sunday, January 16, 2011

Year in Review

Happy (belated) 1st Birthday to my beloved blog! That's right, BelleoftheBallgame is celebrating 1 year of bloggerdom! And no, you're not crazy, the site is looking different. I'm going to tell myself I got my blog a new outfit for her birthday, rather than being superbummed that my background is no longer supported by the host site!

Anywho, I've got lots of college football loose ends to tie up! I shall try to do so in brief. We'll see how that goes.

* So Auburn won the MNC. How lovely. Ughh. At least Oregon can say they were the best-looking team on the field (if only in appearance). Those uni's were fly. Big ups to the donorship of Phil Knight, as the endless mix-and-match possibilities of the Ducks' uniforms definitely appeal to my female (un)sensibilities.

*Les Miles, for all his kookishness, is an incredibly charming speaker. Between his candor and his wise-crack mentality, he is very entertaining in a way in which you can't help but like him. I hate him a little bit for that. I watched him give a presentation about coaching and special teams, and let me tell you something: this man is intense, and strategic, and smart. We would be lucky to have special teams of such a caliber. Speaking of OU....

*OU. OU!!!!! Hey monkey, get back in Chris Griffin's closet- there's no room for you on Bob Stoops' back anymore. I don't care that it was UConn.... it was a BCS bowl and WE WON!!! This could be the spark we need to take it all the way next year. I am looking very forward to next year.

*T. Lew and Broyles are back. YEAuhhhhh! Besides being incredibly selfishly happy about this decision, I think it really is in their best interest and I salute them for making a wise decision. But mostly, I'm incredibly selfishly happy because they are going to be two huge components towards making a run of it in 2011.

*Speaking of which, many are crowning us preseason #1. Ugh. No, thanks. We don't wear that number terribly well. Although, it might be good to have it this early because that gives us a whole spring and summer to work against any notion of entitlement, rather than that number being thrust upon us mid-season. I love Travis Lewis- I think he has a good head on his shoulders coupled with the swagger of a leader, and I think he will be vital to set the tone for this team to play with a chip on its shoulder.

P.S. the Golden Globes are tonight, thereby kicking off the Red Carpet Review series of my blog. In the next couple of days I'll be rifling through way too many photos of red carpet wear to analyze, praise, abhor, and generally comment about. Should be lots of fun!

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