Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miley!

Such exciting things going on in the world today! Happy 18th birthday to one Destiny Hope Cyrus, who now officially can't be tamed, even by the laws of the great US of A. Now when she prances around town looking skankalicious, no one will feel the need to call Child Protective Services, maybe just B. Spears' shrink.

But let's focus on the positive here, Miss 7 Things I Hate About You gave a pleasantly demure and surprisingly good performance at Sunday night's American Music Awards. In fact, when pitted against a sleeked-back, piano-playing T. Swift in the ballad department, Miley was wayyy better, vocally speaking. And she wasn't half-naked for the first time in months! Good work, Miles!

And speaking of the AMA's.... NKOTBSB!!! The 7 best letters I've ever seen in combination. That was pure boy band bliss. Glee never did such a bomb mash-up! I am also happy to see that BSB made good on its promise etched into the lyrics of the seminal classic, Everybody, "as long as there is music we'll be coming back again." Comeback, indeed! Now if only we can get NSYNC and 98 Degrees together for a rival tour, the world will be right again. I'm pretty sure our economic woes would be over.

And in an update to the previous blog entry, William and Kate have picked out a wedding date- April 29, 2011. So excited- I cannot wait to see her dress, and the whole fantastical ceremony- call me Taylor Swift people, because I'm totally buying into this fairytale! Apparently this is also the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, my confirmation saint, which in the words of Fake Miley, is "pretty cool." Happy Birthday, Miley!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

British Invasion

Yesterday brought sad news that one of the most eligible men in the world is off the market for good. Prince William (aka Hottness) liked it so he put a ring on Kate Middleton. *Sigh* But in the wake of mourning, I think this calls for a celebration of two Brits with a penchant for elegant and modern style- Kate and Emma Watson. I am so excited to have these two women as fabulous sty-cons.

Emma aka Hermione just owns every look she wears, from tailored classic to uber-feminine couture. She is fearless. And awesome!

Kate Middleton is a fantastic blend of casual and regal. She looks effortless no matter what she is wearing, whether it's denim and a blazer, or a feathered cap. She is a sty-con for the everywoman, which is ironic since she's about to become a princess!

So there we have it, two fabulous fashionistas from across the pond. You may criticize me for not picking some home-grown stylistas, but where would I turn? The meat-wearing Lady Gaga? The glitter-encased Taylor Swift? The barely-clad Miley? I like my fashion with an extra touch of class. These ladies have got it in spades. God save the queens of fashion!